About Me


My name is Tess Cassidy, and I will be starting my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail on March 19, 2017! The AT is a 2,190 hiking trail spanning 14 states from Georgia to Maine.

about pic_trailhead gilpin lake.jpg
Gilpin Lake Trail head near Steamboat Springs, CO  July 2017


Even though I am from Columbus, OH, I’ve been able to spend some quality time in Appalachia, causing me to fall in love with both the mountains and culture. I ended up choosing to embark on this adventure two years ago, and since was able to graduate college early, secure a job when I finish hiking, and save up enough money to make this dream a reality.

The AT has a commonly used tagline: “A Footpath for Those Who Seek Fellowship with the Wilderness”. What better way to sum up my pure excitement for the trail– both fellowship with and fellowship in the wilderness.

Join me in my journey of getting LOST in the power and beauty of the trail, & FOUND in who the trail molds me to be. (There’s a lot of uncertainty in the last statement. We’ll just have to see where the trail takes me!) Thanks to all of the support so far and to come.

Instagram: @tessmcassidy


One thought on “About Me

  1. Tess, I will be following your blog like I told you I would. My husband and I gave you and Cynthia a ride at Big Meadows. You are a rock star. I don’t have to tell you to believe in yourself. I know you already do. You will succeed in this venture, and I plan on watching it to the end. Prayers for a safe and fun journey!

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