Where I’m Meant to Be

Day 24 – April 11, 2017

Today made my heart feel at home. It began with a filling pancake breakfast in the company of my tail family. Then, we caught a shuttle at 11am. Upon pulling up to Davenport Gap, we were welcomed with glorious trail magic – Subway sandwiches, chips, granola bar, etc.

We saw many familiar faces- most importantly, Sandals, who recently overcome norovirus since we last saw him. Then, just like that, we were (semi-unwillingly) off on our hike.

17917657_10154621031388667_3101120597186917753_oAll the snow had melted off the mountains. The mud had also dried out. After a 3 mile climb, the next 7 miles were rolling up and over the entire ridge, with breathtaking views on the right and left. It was the perfect mountain, perfect views, and a good mix with solo hiking or talking with Munch & Dilla.

We got to the shelter at 5, and successfully got spots in it. Both good (east to leave camp with no tear-down), and potentially bad (snoring people and the crazy 6 young LOUD girls from Ontario … section hikers).

Dinner was a great time for goofing off with the crew.

As the sun started to come down, myself, along with other hikers and the 6 girls, all went to the other side of the gap (romantic) to watch the sunset. Another section hiker, who is traveling around the US for 6 months, was carrying a ukulele. On this beautiful outlook, he was playing popular songs, such as “Riptide” and “Wagon Wheel,” and the girls and others watching were softly singing along.

Sunset, mountains, music, friends,17757581_10154616535903667_2966286859454537177_n

My heart was overflowing.

The only thing missing was Kyle,

and my ASP friends.

It was a scene from ASP, and I longed to be back.

Today was a reminder of the amazing life that I have lived thus far, and the life I am living. I have full confidence that this is exactly where I am meant to be.

And tomorrow, we hike our first 20!


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