Call Me “Rabbit”

Day 8 – March 26, 2017

My trail name is Rabbit. That’s my identity for the next 5 months on the trailrabbit.

A trail name is a name another hiker has to give you. It becomes your new identity – an
d no one will ever ask you for your real name, nor do you need to disclose it. You get a name after something you do, a character you remind someone of, or something of that nature.

For me, on Day 7, I was given my trail name. I hiked/camped with a great group the last 2 days, and we finally reached a town to resupply. With a quick ride to town from a friend of a friend, we were suddenly “hiker trash” in Ingles.

The last week, my diet has been primarily carbs and packaged food. That said, I was hardcore craving fresh vegetables. As others pursued the aisles for fat and sugar-packed goodness (okay, I also bought some chocolate), I darted for the produce section. I happily left the store with a huge bag of raw broccoli and carrots.

My “hiker hunger” hasn’t fully set-in, but my love for vegetables was in full swing. Immediately after walking from the air conditioned automatic sliding doors, I open my bag of broccoli and carrots and started munching away – no dressing drip in sight. I ate so many, and continued to eat so many as the afternoon went on, that I didn’t even eat at the Mexican restaurant we stopped at for lunch (and I love Mexican).

Hence, the name “Rabbit” became my new identity.



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